StackTraceSealer - Aid in finding infinite loops in Java programs that only occur on production systems

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StackTraceSealer is a JConsole plugin with its own Java Agent Library that can be used to seal stack frames on a thread stack trace to detect whether these frames have changed or they have remained the same all the time to aid in finding an infinite loop on a production system when all you have is a long seemingly constant stack trace in the thread dump.

See the tutorial for more detailed information.

System requirements

This program requires Java JDK 1.6 or higher. Download it from

You also need JConsole (included in JDK 1.6) or another JVM monitoring tool that supports JConsole plugins such as JVisualVM.

Sourceforge project page

is located here.


You can get the latest source code (and check in your additions if you are a developer) from subversion.

Anonymous access: Use
svn co StackTraceSealer
svn co svn:// StackTraceSealer
to check out the latest version. You can also use GUI programs like TortoiseSVN (Explorer plugin).

Developer access: Contact me so that I can add you to this project. You will need a account for this. Then you can use
svn co StackTraceSealer
or svn co svn+ssh:// StackTraceSealer
with your credentials. Or submit your changes by e-mail; then I will commit them (In the latter case please make sure that your From address is replyable, in case of any questions. If my answer bounces, I will not commit your patch!).

You can also browse the repository.

Contact me

You can send suggestions and bug reports to my sourceforge e-mail address.

Have fun!

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